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Job Description

Heceta Water People’s Utility District

Title: Operator 1

Position Status: Non-exempt

Reports to: Lead Water Operator                          

Salary: $38,513-$59,746 annually / $18.51-$28.72 hourly

Purpose of Position:

The Operator 1 classification is a hands-on entry level position that assists in the operation and maintenance of the raw water intake, water treatment plant, District building and grounds, distribution lines, and reservoirs. This classification assists the staff in ensuring the continual production and delivery of high quality water to all District customers.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

Under general supervision, this position works safely independently or in a group setting. You are expected to develop good rapport with the supervisor, fellow co-workers, contractors, and customers. You will need to communicate in a courteous, constructive and patient manner with associates and the public. You will participate in the manual labor associated with the operation, maintenance, repair and construction of the water system, including roadway, shoulder and maintenance construction, mowing and vegetation control. This position is trained as a water operator and assists to fill in as necessary to meet the demands of the District. This position will take on-call duties necessary to provide adequate coverage of the water system, requiring the worker to live with 30 minutes of the District’s office. A cell phone is issued to all employees who respond to District’s emergencies. This unique position requires basic knowledge of the water industry, safety, operation and maintenance practices within all areas of a water treatment plant, grounds, distribution system and reservoirs.

Essential Job Functions:

The essential functions include, but are not limited to, the following duties and responsibilities, which are listed in no particular order of importance.

  • Must be able to communicate both orally and in writing.
  • Must have safe work practices.
  • Must have basic knowledge of water industry rules and regulations.
  • Respond to customer complaints and requests in a timely and professional manner.
  • Assist in sampling for bacteria, and all other contaminants necessary to keep the District in compliance with EPA and the State of Oregon.
  • Be able to operate necessary plant and pump station operation equipment, such as chemical feed equipment, clarifier and filter process equipment, and large and small pumps.
  • Able to work safely, wearing required personal protective equipment around hazardous chemicals.
  • Operate emergency call equipment, cell phones, computer and specialty software and programmable logistic controllers.
  • Assist in reading water line prints, programmable logistic controllers, graphs, gauges, charts and interpret the data to make changes in plant process and distribution flows.
  • Assist in troubleshooting plant and distribution equipment.
  • Operate and maintain light, medium, and heavy duty equipment and trucks appropriate to the construction, maintenance and repair of the District infrastructure, systems and facilities to which assigned.
  • Assist in installation of new and replacing old water services.
  • Assist operators in flushes, installs, repairs, and replacing of fire hydrants.
  • Install, repair and replace distribution line valves.
  • Assist in repairing water mains both as a preventative measure and in an emergency mode.
  • Install and replace blow-off assemblies.
  • Install and re-plumb system air-vacs.
  • Assist in maintenance, rebuilding and troubleshooting pressure reducing valves.
  • Assist in the tapping of water mains to install new water meters.
  • Restore landscaping and property in areas where work was performed.
  • Assist in locating water services and mains.
  • Use various tools and equipment to perform water service, hydrant, valve, water main, and pressure reducing valve maintenance.
  • Assist in completion of required paperwork, such as work orders, plants compliance forms.
  • Read water meters as required.
  • Perform pressure/flow tests on services.
  • Perform routine custodial/maintenance duties to keep building, furnishings and grounds clean and in good appearance.
  • Maintain log of daily activity.
  • Follow all safety rules and procedures established for work areas.

Mandatory Requirements:

Minimum education is equivalent to a high school diploma. Within 1 year of employment you must have industrial First Aid, CPR and flagger’s cards. You must obtain within three years, as a condition of employment, Oregon Health Authority’s (OHA) Water Treatment Level 1 and Water Distribution Level 1 certifications. Within 5 years, OHA Water Treatment Level 2 and Water Distribution Level 2 certifications. Within 6 years, OHA Water Treatment Filter Endorsement. You must have an Oregon Driver’s License with a good driving record and able to be insured with the District’s insurance carrier.

Must be clean shaven for respirator program.

Physical Demands of Position:

The work is performed both indoors and outdoors, often in inclement weather. Work is performed in ditches and vaults and sometimes close to fast moving vehicular traffic. You may have to lift heavy (over 50 lbs.) tools, equipment and materials. Work involves physical activities including, but not limited to walking, standing, kneeling, bending, stooping, lifting, climbing and twisting.

Supervision Received:

Work under the general supervision of the Lead Water Operator and/or the General Manager.

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