About Us

Heceta Water People’s Utility District (HWPUD)  was established by voter approval in the Lane County Elections held on May 13, 2013.   HWPUD covers the same geographical area that the previous company, Heceta Water District, had covered.  HWPUD is governed by five directors that are elected by constituents that live within five sub-divisions of the District. (See map on Board of Directors page)

Currently, there are six full-time employees (See Meet Our Staff) who take care of the water needs of the District.  The State of Oregon has established rules and regulations that HWPUD follows to produce potable water.  The water comes from Clear Lake.  It is piped to the Treatment Plant located at 87845 Hwy 101.  After it is treated, it is piped back out into the system.  Besides treating the water, the District makes an effort to keep the water clean by being aware of cross connections that exist in our area.  Read our Cross-connection Ordinance 2019-01 .

There are pre-fillable forms available that can either be completed online or printed off, filled out and then delivered (in person, by mail, put in drop box, faxed or emailed) to the office.  For new service a Water Service Application is required. See if you qualify for the Customer Assistance Program, for customers with low income.  We also have an Authorization Agreement for Automated Payments for those who want to have their payments automatically taken out directly from their checking accounts or from a credit card ( EFT for Credit Cards.)

There is a page that has conservation ideas.  There are a number of conservation helps available in the office.  Our biggest goal, after delivering clean water to our customers’ homes, is to help them practice conservation in using that water.  Remember, every drop counts!