Meet Our Staff

Heceta Water PUD strives to provide safe, high quality drinking water and maintain excellent water quality while keeping up with water demand. HWPUD has six employees including five Water Operators that work at keeping the water delivered to your home, including and led by the General Manager. The Operators’ job in the plant is to test and treat the water that comes from Clear Lake.  Out in the field Operators’ maintain the water lines and hydrants, help resolve any customer issues and read meters. Employees include the General Manager, Lead Operator, three Operators classified as Operator 1, working toward their State certifications, and the Administrative Assistant that works in the Office there to assist HWPUD customers, Operator staff, the General Manager and the Board.

General Manager

Carl Neville has been the General Manager of HWPUD since December 2013.  He is certified in Level 2 Distribution, Level 2 Treatment, Filter Endorsement, Cross Connection Specialist and is a licensed Journeyman Electrician. Carl was born and raised in Corvallis, OR and moved to Florence in 2008.  He came to HPWUD with an industrial processing background.

Lead Operator

Jeremy Moore has worked for the District since June 2010 and has lived in the Florence area his whole life.  Jeremy is certified in Level 2 Treatment, Level 2 Distribution, Filter Endorsement and Cross Connection Specialist. In January 2019, he qualified to be a Backflow Assembly Tester which will enhance HWPUD’s backflow testing ability. Jeremy looks forward to a great career in the water industry, specifically at HWPUD.

Operator 2

Rick Mason joined the staff in September 2019. He grew up in Nebraska and has lived in Michigan and Virginia. Rick moved to Florence in 2017. He looks forward to being a part of the team that provides water and serves the customers of HWPUD as Operator 2. Rick is certified in Level 2 Treatment, Level 2 Distribution and Cross Connection Specialist.

Operator 1

Kyler Paselk joined the staff in October 2021. He grew up in Roseburg, OR and moved to Florence in 2019. He has qualified to be a Backflow Assembly Tester and Cross Connection Specialist. Kyler looks forward to the opportunities at HWPUD as Operator 1.

Operator 1

Greg Fisher joined the staff in December 2022. He is a lifelong Oregonian who worked in construction for 33 years. He moved to beautiful scenic Florence in 2016. Greg is excited about the new opportunity to learn more about the entire water process at HWPUD as an Operator 1.

Administrative Assistant

Cindy Spinner joined the staff in December 2019. She grew up in Oregon and moved to Florence from Eugene in 1989. Cindy has extensive business experience that will only enhance her position at HWPUD. Cindy provides public notary services free of charge during business hours.